was set up by Peter King and Matthew Bransgrove to urgently influence the parliamentary leadership of Australia and the wider community to take the North Korean threat to our national security seriously. For too long the political leadership of Australia (Liberal and Labour) and the Australian people, have been asleep to the growing menace posed by the rapid acquisition of credible, deployable nuclear weapons by the Kim Jong Un regime.

Australians and Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security and forced apathy by:

· the bombastic and repetitive nature of the threats made against us;
· the repetitive cycle of condemnations and sanctions;
· the sombre assurances that there is nothing effective that can be done without sparking a war in which too many South Koreans will die.

It is time to wake up to the fact that North Korea is not a rogue nation with one or two nuclear devices. This is what we were all led to expect would occur and the basis upon which America’s limited Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system was predicated.

Given its poverty (its GDP per capita is the same as Haiti’s), it is undoubtedly being aided by China. North Korea has over 60 nuclear bombs and numerous viable delivery mechanisms, including submarine launched missiles, submarine with in-built bombs and nascent ICMB capability. This means North Korea has the ability to cull the population United States and Australia and turn our countries into nuclear wastelands. The threat is far more acute to us than the Soviet threat during the Cold War. Our research leads us to believe that Kim Jong Un is not only capable of a such a unprovoked strike but in fact plans to make it as soon as he is ready.